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St. Paul 's dart team was one of (10) charter members of the Suburban Inter-Church Dart Baseball League when it started over 50 years ago in 1954, by Nelson and William Clater. St. Paul 's dart team meets starting the first Monday after Labor Day and we play until mid April of the following year. We have a team of (9) members, who when throwing, use a feathered dart about 5 to 6in. long, and stand about 21 ft. away from a 4ft. square dart board, trying to get a hit on a dart board marked with certain sections as a hits and others as an out. There are 9 innings per game and substitute players may be entered just like a real baseball game.

We have an inter-league all-star game in November and at the end of the season,  we have a Suburban League banquet where team trophies are awarded  to the first (6) teams depending on where they finished at the end of the season.  Individual trophies are also awarded to league players finishing with the most hits, highest batting average, the most singles, etc. The first place team in the Suburban League plays the first place team of the City Dart League for an inter-league championship trophy which is also awarded at the end of season banquet to representatives of either league. 

So, if your interested and would like to play for St. Paul 's dart team, please contact the church office for more information.


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