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Happenings at St. Paul's (Continued):

Come, Ye Thankful People:

The Annual Thanksgiving Community Service will be held at Queenship of Mary Church on Newport Ave., Northampton on Sunday, November 24 at 7 PM. There will be a combined choir. A social will follow the service.

Decorating the Church:

COME and join us on Saturday, November 30 at 9 am as we prepare our church and our hearts for the Season of Christmas. The more hands the quicker the task. All are welcome!

SANTA will be stopping by St. Paul's for a visit on Nov. 30 at 2 pm. For more details see the ad in the Sunday school news in this newsletter.


GLOW - Go Light Our World (2019-2020 Sunday School)

Grab your magnifying glasses as this month in Sunday School we’ll use our best high-tech operative skills to answer the question “When did we see you thirsty?” We’ll examine both Biblical and modern-day accounts to discover God working in the lives of others.

Each month also features a special Mission Possible activity– fun, hands-on learning and service activities that enable the children to make deeper connections between growing in faith in God and practicing their faith in the world. In November the Sunday School children will plan and host a Taco and BBQ luncheon. (Check out the invitation below for more information) Families are invited to join us as we serve our neighbors and share God’s love with the world.

Synchronize your watches, invite your friends, and join in the search Sunday mornings at 9:00.

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