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Pastor Todd Fennell






Rev. Todd Fennell, Pastor of St. Paul's


From the Pastor's Desk:

Dear St. Paul’s Church Family,

Greetings in these days of summer when we have the opportunity to get away and rejuvenate our bodies and spirits. I hope you get to do that and when you are home that you will attend church to feed your spirit. I enjoy reading the backs of our weekly bulletins, which always has a connection of a scripture of the day with a missional proponent.

In the bulletin for June 3 we read about our UCC adopted theme of "A Just World for All." Here is the excerpt:
On our way to the "Just World" we surround ourselves with three great loves: "Love of Neighbor. Love of Children. Love of Creation." When we share those loves we become the church together. Isn't that what Jesus was all about? Jesus was simply loving the world in the moment of its need. The man with the withered arm certainly felt that love. How do your church      neighbors feel your love? How do the children in your community know you love them? How does the earth and the blue sky know that you love it? It's one thing to say that you follow Jesus and love the world but what do you do about it? How does the world know you love it unless you show it? What happens when there is no special place for love of neighbor, but every place and time holds in it the opportunity to express love.

Gary Barraca, a member of Forks UCC in Stockertown and our PNEC Ambassador of "Three Great Loves" will lead worship with me and tell us more on Sunday, July 22. I hope you will be at worship that day.

                                                                        God's Blessings!
                                                                           Pastor Todd


- Pastor Todd