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Pastor Todd Fennell






Rev. Todd Fennell, Pastor of St. Paul's


From the Pastor's Desk:

Dear St. Paul’s Family,

The Holy Season of Advent begins on Sunday, December 2. These days leading up to Christmas are busy days of preparation; shopping for those special people in our lives and looking ahead to times of family gatherings for Christmas meals and parties. Spiritually these are days offered for us to prepare our hearts for the Birth of Jesus, as He came 2000 years ago and as He will come again.

Our world continues to be a dark and frightening world. Every day we hear about or witness tragic events that cut us to the core. We wonder, "How and where is God in the midst of all this?!" When will such evil end?!"

Our hope and our peace must be rooted in the promise that in Jesus "God is with us." And that someday God will intervene again and reign victorious over all that seems to defeat us.

In the meantime, we must live out our faith and follow Jesus Who calls us to be the salt of the earth and a light on a hill that others may see in us the Glory of God.

I hope to see many of you at all the gift events that St. Paul's has to offer in these Holy days.

Pastor Todd