From the Pastor:

The occasion of the scene in the Acts passage above is the bringing of Jesus’ disciples before the Jewish court on charges that they are preaching heretical info about Jesus against the orders of the court. They are about to order the execution of the apostles when Gamaliel rises to speak and warn the council that if this undertaking is from God, nothing will be able to frustrate it.

In the passage from John, Jesus tells his disciples that God will grant anything we ask in Jesus’ name. Now, there is a caveat to this promise. Jesus is not turning God into a magic genie who grants any wish asked. The caveat is that our wish must align with God’s vision of what the Holy Realm should be. And surprisingly, one of the ways to align ourselves is to “love one another as I have loved you.”

Jesus has loved his disciples in a number of ways. He has taught them a new relationship with God, healed their bodies and souls, protected them when they were vulnerable, and taught them a new way to understand God’s commandments. All this so
they could “bear fruit” for God’s realm and experience the benefits of that realm. This same love is available to us.
When I came to you over a year ago, I told you that one of your primary tasks was to hear where God is calling you to go now. The Covid-19 pandemic has slowed that process, but now we are ready to forge ahead. A number of cottage meetings have been held via Zoom to begin the process. Now we are ready to move to the more desirable process of in-person meetings. These meetings will be held at the church following worship service and last about hour. We are asking that you attend one of them. You will be sharing your best and worst memories of life here at St. Paul’s, what vision you have for our future, and what skills you think the new pastor will need to help you accomplish that vision. This information will assist the search committee as they look for your new pastor.

It is my belief that God has already chosen the person you need. These meetings are a way for you to discern God’s call to you. If your vision is in alignment with God’s, we cannot fail. If it is not, we cannot succeed. By meeting in person, we open the way for the Holy Spirit to be at work in our midst, each person having their vision fertilized by others, so that in the end, we are in alignment with God’s wishes.

So, watch for the announcements for the dates and times of the meetings. Plan to attend. Let us move forward under God’s guidance.

Pastor Dave

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