From the Pastor:

The women found it hard to believe. So did the disciples, Thomas most of all. The tomb was empty? Jesus was risen? Come, now, surely you don’t expect us to believe that? It is even harder for us in this modern, scientific world to accept that someone who had been dead for days lives again. Just not possible. Scientifically impossible.

The shock will continue even after Jesus has appeared in their midst, yet the religious authorities of the time go through great lengths to explain that the disciples stole the body while the guards slept. Why?

Resurrection is always hard to accept. We are offered the opportunity to bury our old selves and become new people, yet those around us are always looking for our old persona. We find it hard to accept repentance and redemption. We seem more interested in revenge, getting even for some perceived wrong or slight.

Jesus often offers resurrection – new life. The woman taken in adultery is not judged by Jesus but told to “go and sin no more.” The Gerasene demoniac is instructed to go and tell what God had done for him. The man born blind now finds new life as a full participant in the world. Lepers are told to go to the priests and show that they are fully healed. All experience a resurrection of a kind. They are invited to a new life.

The question we need to ask about resurrection is not how, but why? When Jesus died on the cross, he symbolically assumed our sins and died. His resurrection is our invitation to new life. Through Jesus, God is inviting us to a new, richer life. What we need and seek is not to be found in our old, “dead” lives, but in the new life we are being offered. It is hard, but we have to believe that the new life is possible. Jesus appears before his disciples in person and sends them out to spread the good news. He appears before us in the person of a neighbor, another church member, a child.

Will we recognize him and accept the new life he offers, full of challenges and joy? Do you believe in the reality of resurrection?

Pastor Dave

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